Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Wellness Revelation By Alisa Keeton

What would it take for you to make a change?Weight loss can sometimes be a very self-focused endeavor. Maybe you have struggled with your weight your entire life, riding a constant roller coaster of numbers that go up and down. Or maybe you are finding yourself more stressed out by the world and all its demands. Perhaps you just don’t feel as well in your body as you do in your spirit.

In The Wellness Revelation, certified fitness professional Alisa Keeton will challenge you to get fit with God so that He can free you to complete your purpose. She teaches that when we get fit physically as well as spiritually, we will be better equipped to love and serve others. The Wellness Revelation will change the way you perceive yourself and the way that you live your life.

Each week in this eight-week journey includes a teaching from Alisa, weekly assignments, Bible study, small-group questions, and more. Alisa will encourage you to love God, get healthy, and serve others; and she will provide you with the tools to spread the gospel with courage, confidence, kindness, and freedom.

It’s time to make a change from the inside out.

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Alisa Keeton is a wholehearted pursuer of God’s love. After more than twenty-five years as a fitness professional, Alisa felt God leading her to bring fresh meaning to the world of health and fitness. At first she resisted, but eventually she got on her knees, rolled up her sleeves, and followed His call. In 2011, she launched Revelation Wellness. This nonprofit ministry uses fitness as a tool to spread the gospel message, inviting participants to become whole and live well. The Revelation Wellness instructor training program equips and sends out “fitness missionaries” throughout the United States and around the world, while RevWell TV brings faith-based online workouts and resources to anyone with Internet access. Alisa lives in Phoenix with her husband, Simon, and their two children, Jack and Sophia. As a family, they are on mission to change the world with the kind and courageous love of God.

My Thoughts...

Life Changing is first thing that comes to mind.  Want to have the only tool that you need to lose weight? Keeton tells you the secret  and now I am so  excited for the world to hear it.
This is not your average weight loss book not your average self help book.
Keeton helps us walk through a journey to find wholeness and life changing help.
This is a book to be read by anyone and everyone who wants to get healthy and make the smart change. It's not like any book that you have ever read before. If you will take the time to read it and set your mind and heart to listening and doing what it says. You will be forever changed.
I gave this book 5 stars and I HIGHLY recommend this book.
The Mary Readereceived this book from the publisher for review. A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are our own.


  1. I loved your review and I would love to check out this one. I'm excited about it now.

  2. Sounds like a really good one and boy do I need this weight to fall off.

  3. You had me at get healthy. I really do want a copy of this one.

  4. I could really really use this book. Thank you

  5. What a gift to the world. I am really having fits to read this one. I think that I will make a trip to Barnes and Noble today for this one.

  6. I will check the library for his one and if it's one like I think it is and I need to underline and write in it I will get myself a copy of it.

  7. The Ladies in my study group are always talking about starting to live healthy. I think I will get a couple copies and share it with them.

  8. I am ordering my copy today. I think this will help me a great deal.

  9. Well Mary you never gave the secret away in your review. You left me wondering what it is so I guess after reading your review I have to get a copy to find out what it is.

  10. I have a friend that could really benefit from this book. How can I give it to her without her thinking that I think she's fat.

  11. Mary,this sounds like a book for me. Good health, spiritual strength and love... priceless!

  12. I sure do need to get a copy of this book! I know that I would benefit greatly from it!